Amanda Thorpe

Community, Not Politics

Integrity, passion, and experience. These are the values the Josephine County voters expect from the bench. Amanda Thorpe stands out above the rest, and WE have a chance to select one of our own.

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"Friends and Neighbors,

Since 2006, I have been advocating for individuals, families, and businesses in our community. I believe in fairness and dignity for everyone. I’m asking for your vote so I can bring those values to the bench every day.
I would be honored to serve the people of Josephine County."

QuoteI’m proud to have known Amanda since her childhood and proud to know her as an adult. She is a top notch compassionate attorney who knows the law and how to apply it.Quote end
Danny Boynum

QuoteI support Amanda. She is extremely knowledgeable about the law and our local community. She is passionate about her work. Amanda cares for those around her and the outcome of her cases. These traits are especially important for a Circuit Court Judge. I know Amanda will work hard and apply the law intelligently and fairly every day as a judge.Quote end
Danielle Sellers

QuoteAmanda is the best choice for judge. She is dedicated to serving the legal needs of our community. She has proven through her long history of legal work in Josephine County that she has the integrity and experience to take our courts in the right direction.Quote end
Myrna Rafalovich